Saturday, May 7, 2011

So Casey James has colic

And I have a headache. Right now the little darling is sleeping. Is it wrong that I want to turn up Slipknot to ten and pipe it directly into his room while he is sleeping? Oh, if I ever had any thoughts of having kids Casey would be wonderful aversion therapy. They should record him and force kids to listen to it from the fifth grade up. THAT would seriously curb teen pregnancy. I do really love him. Some days it is just more challenging to like him than others.

Chris is working. When isn't he? Not too fucking much. He did get another job, but he is remaining available for hours in his old job, who are now coming on their busy season. If he pulls in his 8 hours today that will bring him to 84 hours this week. Which means, other than crashing at his place, and half the time he is asleep before I get there, I barely see him. I know, he should be the one bitching about how tired he is... and he does.... but it would be nice if I could even have a conversation without feeling like I am taking away his sleeping time.
He is trying to get a nicer place, so I can see why he wants to make more money, but no one is meant to work that many hours. And all work and no play is making him a very dull boyfriend. Yes, I need to be entertained. You have known me for how long and this is news to you?
I was looking forward at least to spend a couple hours with him before my work. No such luck. One of his friends from "back home" is crashing at his. Which means I am spending the night in Casey's Hollering Halls. *Le sigh*


  1. aw jamie ... we have a friend crashing here ... too much in my space!!!!!

  2. Aww ... hope things move better in your way. Soon. Otherwise, be patient, grasshopper.
    Love is patient and kind ... hahaha (just had to say it)

  3. I know, I have to be patient. But right now our schedules suck.

  4. Thank you for the welcome :) Could you help me a little? I can't figure out how to upload a picture. I click on upload, then do. But, nothing shows up.

  5. oh, darlin, I am not the person to ask

  6. aw, life will get better it just takes time. here is a hug :)