Monday, May 23, 2011

Road trip 3: Wow, you mean some people have read the bible?

Camping, Shit he was serious about that? I do not camp. Well, not the way Chris does, apparently. NOTHING! No water, no electricity. Just nature and the six of us. How the hell…? See, “camping” with my parents is a cabin…. With basic satellite television. And Don’t laugh, because I’m serious. To my parents, if you have to walk to the end of the driveway to get cell signal you are roughing it.

Chris rolls his eyes. Then he talks about hunting trips with his dad. A whole week in the woods. Fishing, trapping rabbits. Wow, he can take care of me when the zombies come. At this Jake is howling. One night on line we were laughing about the zombies and making jokes about “when they come”.
“What?” Chris shakes his head.
“You know, the rapture is supposed to be tomorrow,” I informed him.
C shakes his head. “The power of stupidity is incredible.” Agreed. “Ridiculous that they use the bible to predict when it will happen when the same fucking chapters say that you will not know when.”
But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone. Matthew 24:36-37. So five of us are looking at him like he just told us something horrific. “How did you know that?” Ali asks.
“A life time of church, Sunday school, youth fellowships, prayer meetings, bible studies, revival meetings. My parents life is the church.”
“Your dad is not like a minister or anything is he?”
“No. He just believes. My parents church is extreme. Every day there is something going on. I spent more awake hours in that church than home growing up.”

Holy shit, no wonder he started drinking so young.


  1. Just promise me you'll film it if your dad ever meets his.

  2. lmao @ dirty!!!!

    it's scary isn't it? those people are out there jamie ... they scare me more than anyone

    as for the apocalypse? we're all still here and just as gay ... thank gawd!!!!!!

  3. It is scary. I think you really have gone over to the scary side when you honestly believe the earth is under 7000 years old because the bible told you so. That is scary cult time.

    Thanks Tracy:)

    @ DCG, fuck, that will be the apocolypse:P

  4. Yeah, that's why you need to film it.

  5. Aww man chris sounds like an awesome guy, I mean about the nature part. Not the bible, still cool how much knowledge he has tho. I'm glad you found such an awesome guy :)