Monday, May 23, 2011

Road trip 2: the kids in the back seat

So we are on the road… a stop at Timmies and all of us are soaking in the caffeine. It’s a very nice day for a drive. Sunny. We have been getting very little sun so far this spring. Music is blasting. We meet up with T and his boyfriend and refill on the caffeine before taking off. It started around Norwood. We stop. After three coffee at this point we HAVE to stop. Then of course, another coffee.
“No it’s your turn.”
“Who the fuck said anything about turns? I have longer legs, so I sit behind J.”
“Fuck you. I have had my fucking knees to practically my chin. I don’t give a fuck how long your legs are. Your turn.” Now Chris’ car is a teeny tiny piece of shit, true enough. And the back seat was put in as more of a joke than practical use. It’s not like the person on either side is getting much room, but I do have my seat put forward as far as it will go to give Jake some room.
Jake solved the issue by plunking himself in the argued over seat and was called a dick head. So issue closed? No fucking chance.
10 minutes on the road…
“Get your feet off me.”
“I need to stretch out a bit.”
“On me?”
“Do you see anywhere else to do it?”
“you kicked me”
“leg cramp”
“Sorry, did that catch your skin?”
I was suddenly reminded of driving anywhere with Jake’s family. He has an older sister and younger brother close in age, and every trip was poking, pinching and endless games of “stop hitting yourself” and “I know you are but what am I”.
I am laughing at this point because Chris is getting seriously pissed off and struggling not to say anything because they are my friends.
“Kids, it you don’t stop we are going to turn this car around and go straight back to Hamilton!” That gets him laughing. Not much response from the 20 year olds in the back seat who have reverted back to child status with some serious sibling rivalry going on.

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