Friday, May 27, 2011

HIV testing

So I go for an HIV test. I test regularly. After all, everyone is supposed to know their HIV status, they preach. So why, WHY , why, every time do they do pre and post counselling. "And how are you going to feel if this turns out positive"
At least get fucking real questions. And maybe get people a little less judgemental asking questions. Do you want me to lie? If you don't want to know, then don't ask how many sexual partners someone has had. If you do, then don't show so much shock when people say a number that may be a little higher than you think. And don't you dare give me that fucking doubting look when I say I have never had unprotected sex. If I was going to lie it would be on that last question here you rudely asked for a number even my boyfriend doesn't know.
Then the post questions. How are you planning protecting yourself in the future? The same thing I have been doing, bitch! Whether you believe me or not.
I encourage everyone to get a test, just know you are going to feel like a filthy slut who fucks with no responsibility and obviously does IV drugs with needles they found in the gutter, after letting all your whore friends use it first ofcourse. Obviously, otherwise why would you be getting an HIV test?

Sigh, anyway, Rather annoying. Sorry if it is a bit personal to share. But it kind of annoyed me.

Oh, yeah, negative, BTW.


  1. Thats good that you get a test, better safe to sorry and I believe should be a requirement for everyone to make sure of things.

  2. Agreed.
    If I'm responsible enough to take the fucking test then I don't need the third degree as to why.
    And since I'm obviously aware the risk is out there I really don't need a lecture about safe sex either.
    Even if it was a positive result I think anyone would need a little time to digest that before starting counselling.

    I've been tested three times - the first time I could not wait for the result there and then so they told me to come back the next morning.
    Even though I knew it was going to be negative (I tested with a BF so as not to use condoms after)those 24 hours were VERY nervewrecking.

  3. What you can do is pretend to have an anxiety and panic attack.
    Let's see what these stupid guys are made of.
    Act completely deranged and damaged in the next one. Now that will give them something to talk about more sensibly. lol ♥

  4. I do think it is ridiculous. I get that in some cases counselling is needed. But should that not be a case by case issue. Ugh, I just think it really discourages people from getting them done. I know people who have never been tested because it's too embarrassing. How retarded is that?

  5. i've been tested a lot, and i don't remember having the drill questions!

    (brain injury?!)

    but damn ... that's just ridiculous. they shouldn't deter people1

  6. Jamie... I can't imagine the pressure it puts on you to do the right thing and test while you're grilled over your motives and actions. I'm married with two beautiful girls and we have a great number of friends who test regularly... I hear how they're raked over the coals... this is more prevalent than your post even leads on... we need to get those with an agenda out of play before they deter those who most desperately need the services offered fade into the shadows altogether... ultimately it is you who I admire most - not only for your strength to be who you are (but to continue to test) in the face of certain ridicule and smear... I agree with Psycho (above) - give'em something to talk about...


  7. hahahahaha

    I can't believe you have to go through that just to get tested. You should write a letter. :)