Sunday, February 13, 2011

THe Buffet

Went out with my friend Alex as her "date". Her boyfriend is out of town and she wanted to go out with a bunch of couple... enter the queer friend. I love this, no really. Her friends keep givng me the eye, like I am about to jump her bones the moment she least expects it. Her freinds boyfriends are giving me the "good luck" looks, like obvioulsy I am looking to take advantagge of the situation. Awesome. I know, you think it is mean. It's just fun, like a secret joke just between the two of us.
Anyway, I hate how people do not understand "I don't drink and drive" means just that. I don't want to play the "How many am I allowed" game. If I am driving I do not drink... anything. Why do other people find this a challenge? "come on try it". Fuck no people, what is wrong with you? WHy are you so offended that I am not drinking? I'm not judging you, really.
It was a fun night overall. And I ate far more than anyone should ever eat in one sitting.


  1. I like it..No drinking and driving! *high 5*

  2. I should really borrow you sometime, when my trophy gay bff's are out on their own cat calls and I need a hot, live wire date.
    Proud of you, "DD", no alco. Period.

  3. Haha are you pretty str8 acting and appearing? Usually when that happens to me they all know im gay. HAHA maybe that's just me.

    Peer pressure sucks. Especially when people JUST DON'T GET IT. It's like it's a friggin trigonometric equation!

  4. So agree on the drinking/driving thing! My boyfriend thinks I freak out too much when he goes home because his friends from home drink and drive all the time and I don't want to lose my boyfriend because of someone else's dumb mistake.

  5. @ PB, anytime:) I would love to take you dancing.

    @ Adrian, I don't know about st8 acting or looking, but if I am out with girls most people assume they are my girlfriend. Yet, on my own, get spotted as the gay guy. Guess I am a low level *ping* on the gaydar. Depending on what I am wearing of course.

    With drinking and driving... it just does not make sense to me. Why take the risk at all?

  6. don't worry what others think, they will thank you when you bring them home safe and sound :)