Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reading week YES, plans!

EPIC fail! One of my best friends goes to U of T. "Come down for reading week." OMG, Me in the big city with my friend, he is gay, BTW, with a bf. They met the first day of University and have been tight as hell since. I have not yet met Mr. Right (his that is), but have looked forward to it. So I was to be saved from an uncertain week.
"When do you want me there?"
"Come tonight."
"Uh, reading week is next week."
"Oh, shit, really? Here it is this week. That sucks J."
Sucks is not the word.
SO back to hoping for a miracle... a few parties and if not the club scene.

Anyway, mom's birthday present was received with wild acclaim. She loved a couple hours of pampering and feeling good. I am awesome!


  1. I have never heard of reading week, but I'm deducing it's a week off college that's meant to be spent reading and revising but instead everyone just gets wasted ?

  2. No @DCG, I reckon it is some kind of Poetry Reading or Interpretative Reading. A small group get-to in a semi-circle and a Poem or a Book is selected. It's kinda cool. Its more wine and cheese stuff, and some weeds. I'm not sure if its the same though.

  3. DCG, right! It is supposed to be study up time, it is a party time, for the most part. LOL, not so much the wine and cheese (beer and shooters), nor the weed for this boy, anyway. I hate the smell it.

  4. do parents actually believe friends will 'study' when in groups? my folks never trusted me to study unless they could keep an eye on me..

  5. I do actually study in groups. Man, I feel like a loser, lol.