Thursday, February 3, 2011

What happened to my blog?

Well, I think my account got hacked. Becuase pics got deleted, and strange activity all around. Anyway, once I changed all my passwords everything came back. So Kudos to you google people, you are on top of that shit! I have been getting a few unpleasant emails. Two types, the ones who want to save my soul, and the ones worrying about my corrupting people. Because OBVIOUSLY the whole point of my blog is to turn each and everyone into a raging queer. Hehehe, too late for you to back out now.
Anyway, I went to pick up my mom from the hospital.... DENIED! Fever is back, and she is in pain, so they are keeping her at least over the weekend. And I know it sounds totally self centred, but FUCK! Two weekends in a row. Dad told me to go anyway, but that would really be a shitty thing to do. He can't really visit with a hyper 11 yo, and so Mom is stuck alone. Yeah, like I could live with that.
D is pissed off. I texted him to let him know and he basically accused me of using my mom as an excuse not to see him. Yeah, like I made my mom sick so I could avoid getting laid, when he added "at least by me". Soooooo, yeah, I am a little fucking furious right now at basically being called a lying, cheating slut.

Sooo, Heavy weekend of schoolwork and watching my brother and visiting my mom. I tell you, no one knows how to party like us queer boys.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Mom hope she gets better.
    Also, glad to see that your blog is back :)

  2. that sucks jamie - hope your mum gets better and your bf gets what he deserves lol
    odd about your blog tho - u disappeared off my followers list for a day, and yet according to the numbers you were still there - strange, but glad its sorted

  3. I had issues with my blog yesterday too. When I went to log on it said my blog didn't exist but things are fixed now. I hope your mother gets better soon!