Friday, February 18, 2011

Very cool guy

So there was this debate on gay marriage on campus. I did not go there, but a couple friends did. Anyway, met up with my friends and this guy was there who they met at this debate. It was fun. I swear, this guy was put on the earth to be the devils advocate. It was a very fun time. I love getting into serious discussions, mainly because I too can play the devils advocate when I want to. Drives people insane, and it's half the fun. Then again, I had just written my last mid term, so I was in a fantastic mood. Going to meet up with them during reading week, well, maybe, we will see how things go.
If I do not come around much next week, well, then rest assured I am having fun and hopefully doing filthy things;) If I do, then I am a big loser :(


  1. Nice. Debates can be excellent aphrodisiacs then, eh? Feisty much?

  2. Nah, not a cool guy like that. Far too old. Not like old, but old for me. Like thirties.

  3. Okay, way to many "like"s in there.

  4. I love debating too, and playing devil's advocate. Yes, it does annoy people, especially when you are unemotional and factual and they can't think of an answer because they're idiots. Hey, you might like my personal blog, I rant and rave a lot on there. Following you now. See, I didn't find you boring at all.