Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the misunderstanding

OK I like to think I don't judge, but we all do.
One of the vets I work with is ubber religious, and I guess I consider him some what judgemental of my sexual orientation, even if he never actually says anything. Anyway....
So I am taking the cat from inside her carrier. "I don't want the queer touching my cat" Hey it happens. I wore my fckh8 t with rainbow belt, ok, maybe he had a clue, but still.
Ubber religious doctor, I expect him to kinda take over...
"Then take your cat elsewhere" WTF? Bigot with the cat starts arguing and religious doc is sticking up for me. After moron left I said thanks to the doctor, and let slip that I thought he did not like me because I was gay. "When did I give you that impression?" Turns out I really hurt his feelings. He has a vi ew that the bible was inspired by god, but written by man, with prejudices. And especially those dealing with keeping those babies coming. And his son is gay, or was, he committed suicide six years ago.
So, I was a major asshole. Serves me right for being a judgemental prick.


  1. It's pretty hard sometimes not to think people are judging us - But after all they are like us afraid somebody else would judge them.
    Error is Human, that does not make you a bad peson, as long as you recognise and acknowledge it, so feel free & proud to be who you are....

  2. Oh my gosh! What a shock! I mean everyone judges people. Some people more than others. But we shouldn't let our prejudices cloud our judgement of other peoples character. That's the crime we commit. I don't think you were being a major asshole, maybe a little too vocal with your mind set. LOL.

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself, sounds like the end result was positive - you realised you have an ally in this man, he opened up to you about a big fucking deal in his life, in the end you may just have a real friend there. And possibly the things you felt were hostility were caused by the fact in some small way you reminded him of his son ?

  4. Happens to the best of us. We all have our biases. Its just good to always keep them in check, not that we don't occasionally slip, but its a good start.
    This would mean the start of a great friendship with the Doc. Everybody wins.

  5. Don't feel bad. Just apologize for misjudging him and hurting his feelings. Glad you have an unexpected ally on your side.

    Oh and btw, since you liked my "A Gay Joke That Is Actually Funny" post I should tell you one that someone told me when I told him it.

    "How do you get four gay guys on a bar stool?"

    "You turn it upside down." :) Have a great day.

  6. Not so much a fan of the second, but the first one rock. Sucked into it! still makes me laugh.