Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I hate the snow

this storm has been a mixed blessing. Ds grandma was coming for a visit, which is cancelled due to bad driving conditions. Which means our aborted get together last weekend may come to fruition. YAY! If he came down here, especially with his grandma in town, I would never get a chance to see him, much less the parts I am most interested in at the moment. But if we get another snow storm... I am screwed. Or, more acurately, I won't be for another two and a half weeks.
Had a really weird dream last night about talking to D on the phone and snakes slithering all over me. Jeez, sex on the mind much? Maybe just a bit.

Okay, how about if I stop talking about sex... sorry, just where my mind is right now.
So I will be shovelling very soon to get a jump on the pile out there. Yuck! I hate shovelling.

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