Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whew, heart attack over

Could not get into my gmail and it said my blog did not exist. OH, god, did I ever get mad.
Happy news, my mom is home later today. Yay! Plans for the weekend are still unconfirmed. D has said :"well if you really want". Yeah, sure, make me the needy one. So I did the "well, if you don't want me to..." Anyway, long story short, we both kind of want me there (I hope) but neither one wants to be the one who really wants me there. That is the problem with trying to fit two male egos in one relationship, it can be a tight squeeze.
Anyway, I am actually off to school today. So won't be lurking all day. God, I wish for one more snow day:P I have so enjoyed my few days off and just relaxing.

1 comment:

  1. Phew, I noticed that too and was hoping you didn't get rid of it or anything.

    Do you know why that happened?