Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm sorry, I am going to have to take away your penis

I am riding home from the mall, thrilled at finally figuring out a way to kick gift giving ass, and it happened. This song comes on:
"I want to hold you til we die, til we both break down and cry, I want to hold you til the fear in me subsides."
Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously, I think you have to forfeit all rights of manhood after singing that. Sorry, you just grew a vag, because no way on earth anyone with testosterone in their body wrote that. Oh, my, the eighties, you guys freaking kill me!

I was hoping to find a list of other such songs, but no luck so far. Working on it. I'm going to call it me "surrender your dick" list. If any of you all have ideas let me know.


  1. What the fuck is that song? Those are lyrics? That's a chick song Jamie! No way a guy could have written that up and is still alive today.
    But if you're in the mood to bash silly, love songs, this song, YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE by some female singer reminds me of a death bed. I know some people may be crazy about it but it gives me visuals of candles, black lace, veils, and urn.

  2. It's Dan Hill aparently, Legs says it is from the 70s

  3. Lol its a song by a guy who is very in touch with his sensitive side! So cute! Lol. I guess im just sappy like that. Theres no way anyone is taking my dick tho.sorry. lol

  4. What foul, stereotypical bullshit.

    I laugh my arse off at the fact that a gay guy, who probably faces all kinds of insinuations about his masculinity, simply by virtue of being gay, then turns around and does the same thing.

    Get over yourself, and join us in the 21st century, where gender roles are passe, won't you?

  5. TY, Hannah, I was waiting on something like that. I knew it would come in one of two form. Someone blasting me for being gay, and therefore no authority on masculinity, or one who has stereotypes of gay guys being too sensitive for such stereotypes ;)
    The fact is, gender roles, although becoming looser, still exist and always will in one form or another.
    Why else would tansgendered people exist? It is not about the junk, you know, but how they feel inside. Well, if men and women are the exact same inside, then how would that be possible?

  6. Did I say gender roles don't exist? No.

    They do exist. In the minds and actions of morons.

  7. Ah, shucks, you disappoint, I was actually hoping you had a good come back. I find you raise interesting subjects on your blog.

  8. Wow. The fact that you actually completely missed the point of that and thought it was just a 'comeback' is sad. Really sad. You're embarrassing. I had hoped that people who are routinely victimised for stupid shit would then have the good sense not to go ahead and perpetuate the same stupid mentality. But obviously not.

  9. I don't think you really read anything beyond your own words. I said I had haped you would have a good comeback, you know, one that would actually address other points, but I will live with the disappointment. Obviously you are of the mind that your opinion is the "right" one. What a shame your "liberal" mind is so closed.

  10. Actually jamie... I think the song was from Air Supply. I l-o-v-e Air Supply. LOL. And 80's music in general.