Monday, February 28, 2011

Why do we call it HOMOPHOBIA?

Make it sound like an irrational fear you cannot control. Like a fear of something silly like bubbles or spiders, instead of what it is. Hate. If you hate different races, you are racist. If you have different sexes you are sexist. Hate is not an irrational fear, it is a choice you make. Sure it may be fed to you as a child, but as an adult once you make the choice to follow these hatreds on for the rest of your life or shake loose the prejudices passed on to you by your family.

So what to call it? Gayist? Queerist? How abotu we just classitfy all hate under bigotry. They are all the same thing, not a fear, but a hate based on something a person cannot control.

Wow, this was supposed to come off as something light, and so did not land that way

Epic fail!


  1. We call it homophobia because they are actually scared of you because of who you may sleep with. I call them idiots.

  2. I agree with borderlinegirl there are those that hate, but I think that's the minority. For most people it's just being scared of the unknown and being forced outside their comfort zone. Again as BLG suggests it's closed mindness and the failure to think outside of their own experience.

    Uodated 2-27-11

  3. Now why, Jamie, would you think twice about deleting this post?

    :scratches head:

    The ONLY things that hate and phobias have in common are the fact that they are learned behaviors and both are irrational.


  4. Actually HATE is a choice. It is not irrational. And you're right, phobias are irrational fear of certain things/creatures/etc.
    I am surprised they called it HOMOPHOBIA? I am guessing they have an irrational fear of anyone who is gay. Which is definitely irrational. And yeah proly even an idiocy. The homophobics pretend they hate the gays, but I think they are really scared of their own sexuality. They have yet to invent the term for that, I reckon. :)

  5. most hate comes from fear, so i can understand the phobia part, but damn! if they're as afraid of me as i am of spiders, then hell! i've got some POWER!!!


    gimme my parade.

  6. I was thinking, you could combine the words "gay" and "hater" and then they'd be called "Gayter's". I don't think that works though, I wouldn't want to give bigots that much credit or that cool of a name.

  7. That is far too cool of a name. But a good thought.
    LOL@ spiders. Oh, A they are just misunderstood.