Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My drunken night

I know you are all dying to know. After work I came home quickly to showeer and change, and Okay, peek in here. So I meet the girls at the Timmy's closest to the bar. They brought along their housemate Anna, who kept calling them the "Three sexy As". It was fairly obvious Anna got a headstart on the drinking. Anyway, off we go to the bar. It was fun to start with. Danced a lot, drank a bit. Anna got totally sloshed, to the point that it becomes uncomfortable for others.
"You fucking Ali?" she asks. Now I have heard people say things like that, but generally people I know, and never so bluntly by a girl.
"Just friends"
"Alex has a boyfriend at home. You know that, right?"
"Just a friend," I am sending pleading looks across the room at Ali, my actual friend.
"Wanna come home with me?" tears in eyes. FUck, no one should get that pathetic drunk. Just sad.
"Sorry, I'm not in the market."
"Okay," so she gets up towards a few other guys. I honestly don't know who I was rescuing her or them, but I got Ali to get her housemate. About halfway back to where we started she says she feels sick, and Ali helps her stumble into the ladies room.
I'm waiting to get the hell out of the bar, very thankful it is not bar I frequent. "She your girlfriend?" Great, caught the eye of a bouncer, perfect.
"Hell, no. We're out of here as soon as she stops puking."
"Good man. She's not your DD is she?" he kinda laughs a bit, but making it known that he doesn't think any of us should be driving. I told him that they were withn walking, or in Anna's case crawling distance, and I was cabbing it. After we left/got kicked out of the bar I helped them home with Anna. While getting her up the stairs she asked if I wanted to spend the night with her. Seriously? She just spent a good quarter of an hour puking in a washroom at a bar, stumbled home and thought... god, even if I was straight and fucking desperate... ewww *shiver of revulsion*.
WHile I waited for the cab Ali apologized for bringing her along, expalining that she was going through a difficult break up and kind of guilted them into letting her tag along. No big deal, it was fun before she got out of control. I told her I would do it again, minus the third A.

On the plus side, I didn't think about D. Took a cab home and crashed. I am now waiting for a call to pick up my mom. No hangover, I really didn't drink a whole lot.


  1. One helluva night! Always a bummer when someone does not hold alco well. But la dee dah, all good! Cheers!

  2. Yeah, it is awkward when you are the sober one. I hate being DD for that reason. It never bothers you when you are as drunk as the rest, lol. But I have never been kicked out of a bar for being sloppy drunk. That is just embarrassing!

  3. Good times!

    Yeah I agree that its awkward when your the sober one haha