Monday, February 14, 2011

Psychology, sheesh!

I have a habit. I have a thing about initials. When I get close to someone I call them by initials. Don't know if anyone has noticed it yet. Ali, big into psychology says it is my way to keep distance from those I care about. It is a form of "Disassociation". I really wish she would stop assuming everything she reads about is affecting everybody around her.
The person I am closest to is my brother. I am the only person to call him CJ, and he calls me J, which actually most people these days to. Maybe that is what launched it, I don`t know. But when I really like someone I tend to call them by their first initial. It's like: Of all the "A"s I know you are the one who means the most
My best friends are letters. T, B and K. My best cousin is S. And my boyfriends have consisted of D, A and ... okay, Wes, but that is just cause nobody should be called W. (all three, I am such a stud ).
I just tell Ali, hey A, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar... Yeah, right....

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