Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OMG, so tired

So busy with school I barely have time to blog... yet here I am.

Driving to school I stop to give my friend Mike a ride. Well "freind" is kinda pushing it. Someone who has mutual friends. Anyway... I've be spending a lot of time with my little bro CJ, who watches a lot of family and kids tv, which shows kid videos. Anyway, riding to school a song comes onthe radio. Now I sing. I am a car rock star. I will sing along wiht anything, even if I don't know the words I do the sound we all make when faced with no words. WHY could that not be one of the songs.... but know. There I am singing along to Justin fucking beiber! No black man, straight or gay, can get by with doing that. Mike starts laughing and I realize what I am doing. "Shit, you really are gay, huh?"
Now, I am a super geek, and I can get by getting caught doing a lot of loser things and bluff my way through to have it looking not as uncool as it obvioulsy is. Not so with this one.

In terms of street cred, Justin kicked my ass.

Oh, the shame!


  1. HAHAHA! You are too funny! I friggin wake UP singing songs. So singing in the car is a definite YES for me! LOL. I love it! Justin Beiber is cute.

  2. Yeah, I feel ya school always takes so much time. Ready for summer for sure

  3. I hear you Adrian, I love music. My ipod is the most used piece of electronics in my house. Hell, yes, I am ready for summer!