Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gay Pride Parades

Been talking about it and it brought to mind the conversation I had with a dickhead last year.

"Gay Pride parade is just an excuse to act perverted in public. You don't see us having straight pride parades"

My response: "Have you ever lost your job because people find out who you sleep with? You ever get beat up or vandalized because you like girls? If you kissed the person you love in public would everyone around you react in shock and horror?"


"Then every day for you is a fucking straight pride parade."

That is what pride is about. Being open. DO things go a bit crazy? Sure, what if only one day a year you could openly celebrate your sexuality. Wouldn't things go crazy? Of course they would. Sure theworld is getting better but the fact is gay people are killed and assaulted just for being gay. Gay people are fired after they are outted. Unless in a gay club I could never kiss a date in a public place. Yet, at the freaking mall het couples make out like crazy. (just ew, no one wants to see that). Anyway, my point is that for a day you kind of get a free pass, where anything goes and the world is a rainbow friendly village. Where you can proudly proclaim your gayness in an atmosphere that understands and shout with you in PRIDE.


  1. you bet'cha brutha ... loud 'n proud ... we get our day dammit. i'm just grateful we are canadian xo

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  3. Yep, being Canadian rocks. The pride in Hamilton sucks, though, so that is why I go to TOs

  4. Jamie, where the hell do you keep meeting these people? Oh, right. Hamilton. You need to move to the big city, Rainbow. Everyday is pride around here. I can actually say I see gay couples more than I see straight couples on a day-to-day basis. Nobody looks twice (unless they're hot).
    And why do i have an urge to come to Hamilton and put the beat down on some haters? (teeehee look at me getting all gangsta)

  5. yes, hamilton. If you have ever been... enuff said;)

  6. I got your back Jamie ... any haters will need to go through me first.
    Okay dudes, let's bring it!

    The fact that they are haters only tells you that some people wear horse-blinders and they're not even horses, nor hung. Damn it!