Monday, February 7, 2011

So it's done

The nail in the coffin. He said the words, or shall I say gave the ultimatum. He has to be number one, or he is nothing. Buh-bye. The heartache was not there. I had been preparing myself for the dump, so not at all shocked. Not like with A where it came from no where.
My friend from school Ali was very sympathetic. "We should go shopping."

Okay girls... I like men.... But gay is not the same as being a girl. Shopping does not cheer me up. I hate shopping, even when I HAVE to get something. "Okay, we could get drunk." My girl! Got it in two. So, out tomorrow night, (Wednesday is late classes) to get drunk with Ali and Alex.


  1. You did what you had to do. I'm sure you'll find someone wayyyy better than him. Have getting drunk tomorrow!

  2. I was going to suggest shots! I absolutely hate shopping too (except for home decorative stores- LOVE!) For clothes, I shop like a guy. I know what I want, I get it and I get out. BTW: this applies to you too! Some Guys are TOADS!

  3. Wow that sucks ass! As long as you were prepared Then that's alright. I. Love to go shopping! I dont go doing it very much but its for the luxurious. Oh well. Drinking is much better. I love drinking!!! Im not an alcoholic. I swear.